IF you had a 6.5 Grendel what Hammer bullet?

Try using LeverEvolution as its pixie dust in the 65 Grendel. I’d run the 85 HH. I actually have some and also have 2 Grendel’s but just haven’t got around to shooting the 85 yet. I’ve run numerous other cup/core bullets Fromm 100/123 gr with LR and they all shoot great. That LR powder just shines in the Grendel.
What weight charge are you shooting and what is your FPS.
For hogs? The hogs have gotten completely out of hand. I killed several during turkey season. But I have setup a feeder just for hogs and 30-40 are coming in evening. I have BCA 6.5G with lighted rect and a green LED light, that's good to about 200yds on it. Thinking of going lighter copper bullet for higher speeds. What would you use?

1/2 MOA, 85 Hammer Hunter, 22” bolt gun, no pressure, super accurate. 32 grains of LeverEvo.

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Very nice. Last weekend did .2 grains from 30.5 to 31.5 Of 2460. 18 inch barrel AR. 31.5 average speed was 2820fps extreme speed was 75fps. Need to mess around with seating depth some. 85 HH was not as accurate as I want so far.