If you could only have 3 long guns, which would you choose?

This must a trick question. Everyone knows you need more than 3 long guns. What would I use the other 6 days a week.:D:)
I take 3 guns out with me on each day of hunting... so the better question might be how many days can you go with a different gun?
Generally... somehow wind up buying 3-4 / year. So last big count 4 years ago i was at 86, so i should be mid 90s to close to 100 lol.

And the wife has the audacity to ask how many I need!!!!!
Can't cut back to just 3 long guns, because I have a vault full of collectable firearms to help diversify my modest investment portfolio in our current time of Biden economic upheaval.

But for everyday use I could get by with 1. A light centerfire rifle for medium sized game, 2. A magnum centerfire for any and all centerfire hunting, in which I still engage, and 3. A good, serviceable O/U skeet and sporting clays gun. I wouldn't need a rimfire as I can do all of my fun plinking and small game hunting with a shotgun or with one of my centerfire rifles reloaded to low pressure, mach-1 to mach-1.5 velocities based on C. E. "Ed" Harris' experience with loading centerfire rifles to mild pressures and velocities using Alliant pistol powders. Nothing quite like rabbit hunting with a light weight, short barreled magnum centerfire!

From the guns that I have owned over the years and have since replaced I would choose the following three:

1. My pre-64 Model 70 Winchester in .257 Roberts, the most accurate rifle I have ever fired.

2. My Remington Model 600 .350 Remington Magnum, which I have picked purely for nostalgic reasons and the fact that it was the one that introduced me to handloading; and:

3. My Browning Citori 12 Gauge skeet gun w/Briley match weight, ultralight, sub gauge tubes.

What's the barrel length of your 257 Roberts and have you thought about doing the Ackley improved (doubting so based on your comment)?

I just picked up a Ruger M77 tang safety in 257 Roberts with a 22 inch barrel. I really wanted to do the AI as I think it turns the 257 into what it really should be but with the 22" barrel... I'm thinking it's just not worth it the more I read on performance. And for guys who say go up a 25-06, I already have one of those and a 257 WBY lol.
Unlike all of you I have crushed and buried my firearms because they are mean old things that shoot stuff. I don't even know where I buried them. Over there somewhere (points up). I keep my suppressors locked up because clearly they are violent offenders of the worst kind. They have paperwork and they pay taxes. I still can't figure out how to make one go bang without the tubee triggeree thingy.

:/ not 4/1 is it... oops :D
When I turned 75 I joined the second largest airgun club in the U.S. After shooting many different precision airguns I chose the Rapid Air Weapon (RAW). Just the gun and scope were close to $4000. So I decided to thin down my firearm collection to 3 long guns. I kept a 10-22, my tack driver Mod 70, .300 WSM and a Remington Model 1187 12 gauge. I gave a .338 Winchester to my grandson, a Rem 870 12 ga and a Ruger Stainless Mod 77 .308 to my youngest (50) son. I also gave a pre-war Model 70 30-06 that was my dad's, to my younger brother. I sold a Stainless Mod 7 .308, a Custom Shop Rem Mod 7 .350 Rem Mag, Ruger Single Six .44 Mag, and a S&W Chrome .38 Special to help me get into airgun shooting. Which I still do 3 times a week. At 85 I'm still among the top shooters in AZ. Airgun shooting has allowed me to continue in a sport I love!
Your right Mike, there comes a point on this journey where everyone realizes that the light at the end is coming into focus...lol, I reached it a few years ago when my children conducted a raid on my stash...I was adding it up as they were walking by and figured I could have bought a few new trucks and cars. But honestly the vast majority I hadn't touched in years if not decades, might as well have the grandchildren enjoy them than just sitting there ..I think I'm down to 2 rifles, 2 shotguns and 2 handguns...guess times do change, but a few that walked by where my dad's and told them they are never to be sold..

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