If you could only have 3 long guns, which would you choose?

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I resurrected an old post. Seemed like an interesting topic.
thinking maybe three rifles in each caliber- I have a lot of calibers- If I have to narrow down- 22-250 AI 1x7 twist- 6XC 1x7.5 twist- 338 Win Mag 1x9 twist- Woah- I left a lot on the table- this is almost painful to think of in real life- but those three have seen lots of primers spent and game taken and would suffice 99 9/10 of my shooting if that is all I had.
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Maybe I should pair down my collection. Truthfully, I have my favorites and the others could be framed and hung on a wall. Some are invaluable but for sentimental reasons. I'm not asking for those to be included in the list. But let's say, purely for whimsical gab, that you could only have 3 calibers, any calibers, which would you choose?
Purely my wants of these three rifles, not considering availability of ammo, or anything like that for me, it would be my
6.5x284 norma
338 Lapua
AR in 6arc
If I could keep the ones I have and could buy three more until the end of time it would be a muzzleloader (wanna start hunting thay better season), some kind of quality goose shotgun (dont know much about them either), and a controlled round feed 458 Lott of some flavour - could always rebarrel to that 470 capstick that for some stupid reason intrigues me.
For my needs 204 ruger, 223 Remington and 308 win takes care of everything. I’ve already been to Alaska twice so wouldn’t need a large caliber bear rifle anymore. I don’t count 22 lr or shotgun that’s just a given lol.
I know we mentioned it in the other thread, but could it be three "Drilling"? You can have one with a 12 gauge SxS, on with 16 or 20, and one with 28 or 410. And still get three rifle cartridges.
17 guns:
Red Ryder .117, sears tex Williams 22LR rifle made by Marlin, rem m700 270, savage 111 243, arisaka T99 7.62? x54?, Brit 303, mosin nagant $99 version, yugo Mauser 24/47 8mm of awesome, Ruger m77....270 and 30.06 and 338 WM, Thompson center .223, rem m700 300 WM,
Rem 870, rem 1100, HR 20 g single shot, smith 38 special....

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