If they come after your Guns........(Read)

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    Jun 20, 2009
    I am not a very good writer so it want be a fancey write up but I think we all need to look at this in the light of our country, and economics . Many of Americans are stock piling Ammo and Guns which I think is a good thing to do . But If they want to come for your guns with all of the Ammo you have or guns if you ran out of a few things then you could be over taken in a matter of days/weeks. You will need a good supply of Food and water . Think about it for a moment , If you ran out of food and water how long would you last ??
    My reason for provoking this thought is to hopefully encourage you to buy up some dry foods . Sportsmans warehouse is selling dry food in 5 gallon buckets that are re sealable . Sams wholesale also has some food like this. In another direction you can count on all communication to end and the media like CNN MSNBC to air propeganda in evry negative way to presuade folks that they or We are loosing .

    Medication (up to date allways use the oldest and restock with the newest)
    Heat (not propain) WOOD go ahead and cut some now for hard times ahead . The gov. cant charge you for wood!
    Medicale supplies.
    Lanterns .
    Chickens. Eggs
    Rabbits(these multiply quickly and can provide food if needed)
    Honey (for sweetener)

    The list goes on . Go ahead and mention anything that you think would be helpful in a Depression or Government assault......

    Thanks for looking.........
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    Jan 8, 2013
    These are some good things to look at ahead of time. If it were to happen though I would be mobile. Water filtration and backpacking supplies are my friends. Everything light enough to carry on my back.