IDF 6x40 Sniper Scope Nimrod

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    Jul 16, 2002
    I took out a Mauser 98 w/Parker and hale 26" heavy barrel in 308 and with a Nimrod Sniper scope on it to the 600 Meter range. Zeroed at 200, and went to each 100 meter range in between and out to 600, the BDC on the scope is designed for M118 ammo, I used 168 Black Hills and the BDC was perfect every shot at all ranges. not bad for a 3-500 dollar scope
    The BDC is very simular to a M4 Lupy I get issued on an M24.
    Meters 200=0, 300=3, 400=4, 500=5, 600=7, 700=8, 800=9 (clicks between Meter marks)

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