Ideas for new optics?

David P. Herne

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May 4, 2001
Houston, Texas
I recently asked a sales rep at a high-end optical equipment dealership here in Houston called Land, Sea, & Sky if he knew of any reasons other than quality of the glass and eye-piece/objective size that affected resolving power and/or brightness in telescopic sighting devices. Well, he must have seen me in the store before talking with one of his colleagues about riflescopes, because without hesitation, he proceeded to explain how certain riflescopes (specifically, high-end, fixed-power, tactical designs) have 'baffles' built into the inner wall of the main tube which repeatedly redirect light that enters the periphery of the sight picture back toward the center of the scope's main axis. But he added, at length, that this kind of design feature is not only rare, but that it is not possible in variable power scopes. I've never heard of this before. And if it's factual, then why haven't any of the high-end riflescope manufacturers thought about a fixed 20 or even 25 power scope with a 50 to 60mm forward objective? Of course, The Complete .50 Caliber Sniper Course by Dean Michaelis refers in passing to a mythological, fixed 20 power scope that Leupold once made and which they called the Mark IV Ultra. Whaddya know about these things gentlemen?

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