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Discussion in 'The Basics, Starting Out' started by Jay K, Aug 4, 2002.

  1. Jay K

    Jay K Member

    Feb 26, 2002
    What would be the ideal heavy gun for long range hunting and 1000 yard matches.I understand that for LR hunting, you want the one that gets there with the "mostest".And it seems the current trend in 1000 BR is the the one that gets the job done with the "leastest"(recoil?).I just my shot my light gun in my first match, now I just have to have a Heavy gun. Thanks, Jay
  2. Steve Shelp

    Steve Shelp Well-Known Member

    May 3, 2001
    In HG class because you have the weight to work with when using a true HG, and not your LG in HG class, any of the 30 caliber magnums have firmly establsihed themselves in the accuracy department and have been known to do a little killing on the other side of the county also. So they are essentailly the best of boths worlds for target and LR hunting.
    Seeing how you have a 300 Weatherby already in LG (and it's working real good!!) I would recommend staying with it for now for both rifles. The 300 Weatherby isn't an ULR caliber, but you can still kill deer sized stuff well over 1000yd with it if that's up your alley. Plus the added benefit of using a known good caliber while learning and setting up a true HG is going to save you a lot of headaches over chasing a new rifle/rest setup as well as trying to learn and tune an unknown caliber at the same time. That's a tough road for a new shooter.

    Hopefully if work stays somewhat even keel for the rest of this week, I'll see you this weekend at Quantico! Look me up. I usually setup with Phillip Yott right at the top of the stairs and veer to the right.

  3. BountyHunter

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    Jun 13, 2007
    Second that motion on the 300 Weatherby for all the reasons stated. Do not add more headaches until you really get things working and figured out. Then easier to build another to work out bugs while you have the other one shooting well. Much more fun that way instead of always fighting new gun/caliber while trying to be ready for a match.