Idaho Muley

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Mar 2, 2020
Wow! You know what you’re doing and you listened to yourself based on experience! Sweet 300 WM set up. I’d hunt with you anytime!


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Sep 30, 2012
Beautiful Idaho
Sorry, not going to share the unit. I've hunted over 30 units in Idaho and have either killed or helped friends/family pack out animals in at least a couple dozen units. There is no general season unit that is substantially better than all the others. All the general season units get hunted hard and require effort or luck to kill a good buck in. Both effort and luck helped me get this buck.
I can totally appreciate that, thanks for the reply...


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Feb 19, 2020
I've seen deer run 100 yards with a bullet to the heart before too. I've killed or watch dozens of big game animals get shot with all kinds of bullets and cartridges. I've shot 3 mule deer and a coues deer with 300 gr bergers from my 338 Lapua. Even a big bullet like that doesn't always drop them in their tracks. I agree that some animals just have a stronger will to live than others and can run for a few seconds even if the shot placement is in the heart/lung area and bullet performs as expected. I do think if I had shot this deer with a 180 gr nosler ballistic tip in the same spot it would have more likely ended quicker but I would have lost a lot of meat on the off side shoulder. He probably tipped less than 15 seconds after the shot. I was just surprised he made it as far as he did. I probably shoot 50 coyotes a year and most are dead in their tracks but I shoot most of them at closer ranges with explosive bullets that have an impact velocity often over 3000 fps. I did have a coyote run 50 yards once that had a grapefruit sized exit out his off side ribs/shoulder. I can't explain how he was able to run without lungs, heart and a missing leg but he did. Some animals are just tough.
I just returned from a successful Bull hunt in Eastern Oregon and reading this just echoed the oddities of big game hunting.
I shot a pretty large 5x5 bull at 80 yards with a 30 Nosler, 210 gr. Accubond LR.
It was running right at 3060 at the muzzle.
On impact he froze, set the park brake.
Second shot sent him tumbling down the hill.
I was seriously shocked though, he just shuttered and froze.
It was a high on the lung shot about 8" down below his spine.
I just expected him to haul the mail down the mtn.
I can tell you this is my second bull with this 30 Nosler and the first (large body 2x4) did the exact same thing.
I retired my 338 WM.
I love this 30.