I Want To Start Reloading

William W.

Dec 30, 2014
I started 30-years ago via a hour-long conversation with a Redding representative, whose dies and ancient heavy iron turret press I have always used - other than some Dillon’s for my two Dillon machines. Do yourself a favor and buy a cheap Lee turret press where a round aluminum insert holds the dies to start with. I started first with the Redding turret press which I still use for certain operations that are not Dillon-suitable. I still use the Lee to this day with RCBS dies to pull bullets to change-over loads that I am unhappy with. If you start with Redding, you will guesstimate the neck-sizing inserts for their full-length dies. Do NOT get a progressive press until you thoroughly understand reloading. With that said, I use Dillons for 38, 9mm 45LC, 223 (with a case trimmer), 6.5x47, 6.5 Creedmoor, 7mm Remington Magnum (with Redding sizing), 308 (with a case trimmer), 300 Winchester (with a case trimmer), 375 H&H and 375 RUM (with Redding sizing), 300 Norma Magnum (with Redding sizing and loading). Winchester 748 for 223, Vihtavuouri N140 for 308, Vihtavuori N160 for 7mm and 300 Winchester will get you started. Best hint is to use the Dillon lubricant...best by far! Buy at least the RCBS scale, or at most their Chargemaster. I have bought hundreds of small glass laboratory vials to hold an evening’s loading session. I live near Memphis if you want to stop by. Next best hint is to buy several reloading manuals...I use Hornady, Nosler and Berger. I am partial to Federal primers, match and magnum wherever possible.
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