I think I stumbled onto my next gun


Mar 17, 2003
300 WSM 26" match stainless barrel on Tikka blued action and synthetic stock at a good price. Apparently a tack driver....we shall see. DM is nice with lots of room and smooth feed. Will be able to seat long ballistic tip bullets close to lands without any problem. Has decelerator pad 11 degree crown and feels nice in hand. Also has rings tikka optilock. I'm going to put a Leo Vari X III on it. Should be good. What do you think about Tikka actions and the 300 WSM??
absolutely do not buy it. You will not like it.

but if you would email me contact info of the guy selling it, I really would like it.
Well I guess I was hoping for some feedback. I was thinking about buying a Sendero but this deal seems pretty good. Would save 150 dollars over a new SS Sendero.
Rene that's nothing wrong with a SAKO Tika very well made and for the price really can't be beat. Good base for a custom though not many gsmiths work on them you can find some.
I believe that out of the box a Tikka is probably better assembled and finished than most domestic rifles. I have shot several and all of them worked and shot well, sometimes in the sub 3/4" level right out of the box - depends on the caliber and the shooter.
The .300 WSM is inherently an accurate cartridge, capable of factory velocities that match the longer .300 Win mag. I would stay with 175/180 grain bullets or even 200's if the action will allow. Should be a very good rig.
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