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    I just started getting into the LRH thing over the last year. I own a Savage 110FP .223 with a Weaver 6-18 V-series scope as my hunting gun. I also just bought a Savage 112BVSS in .22-.250 and topped it with a Weaver T-36. I have already taken crows out as far as around 500 yds but that is the farthest I have shot anything. What is the longest range that my .22-.250 shoot? Does anyone think that it is capable of any 1000 yd. shots? Me and a friend want to start a little neighborhood competition for 1000 yds. and I would like to practice. Thanks!
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    May 3, 2001

    What bullet will you be shooting and what twist is the rifle. I believe you'll find that the 22-250 (factory) will be a slow twist designed for light fast bullets. With a light fast bullet you'll be having a rough time at 1000 yards, you may do better to shoot the 223 for long range (if it's a fast twist barrel) and use the 69 Sierra, 80 Sierra or the heavier A-Max.

    I was assisting at a Varmint hunters long range course last year (first one offered at this particular facility) and many folks were very disappointed in the performance of their varmint rifles once the range exceeded 450 yards. Rarely (if ever) did anyone hit the 720 tard target with a light fast (.22 cal) bullet.
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    Thanks Dave! My .22-.250's ROT is 1-12" And I am handlaoding 50gr. V-max moly's. My .223 has a 1-9" ROT and I have handloaded 75gr. A-max's and I love shooting them. We are shooting 1000 yds at a 5 foot circumfrence 1/2" thick piece of steel. We hung it about 4 feet off the ground from a large branch and painted it white. We haven't shot at it yet though. We will probably also be putting targets out at 500 and 750yds for the heck of it too! Thanks for the advice!