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leslie naylor

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Jan 18, 2004
Fitted my first 4x14x50 mp8 on friday.First shot yesterday no problem clear picture every thing right .After second shot noticed at 7oclock what I thought was a piece of dirt about 1/16 diameter on the obj lens and rain drop splatters on the same lens.These did not move during elevation adj and as we were having traditional weather didnot think any thing was wrong.Finished the detail detached the scope and tried to clean the obj lens........welfolks what do you know the dirt is inside the scope.Luckly on the second detail the large piece of dirt has fallen down so all I have now is the rain splatter effects.So we will see how the warrenty stands on these......
Ah ****! I feel for ya.. What do ya make of the rain splatter
? Something on the inside too?
I had a problem with an IOR scope, and Val stood behind me 100%. The only real thing with Val, is getting ahold of him. If you need a phone # or help in any way, email me or Q-Optics..sakofan....Sorry about your scope.
Now Ive cooled down, looking through obj lens the black bit I saw is proberly a piece of the inside coating of the tube and the rain splatters are shards of lens glass stuck on a central lens or the inside of the obj lens.Have phoned the dealer this morning and will be returning the scope tomorrow with promise of a new scope by return post.
May be I should sell the 300wm or is it the 190smk

Who is importing IOR into the UK. Do they have a website.

Kindest regards

Something must being going on with the 4-14x50, I had the same problem, but it looked like tooling shavings. Anyway sent the scope back to the dealer and they replace it. Haven't had a chance to try the new one yet

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Sure warranty is great but doesn't that tell you the QA is very poor! I had similar problem with a Burris Black Diamond with the same rain splatter effect. It's very annoying on high $ scopes to have to cliam warranty on the first day. I must say Leupold & Zeiss have better QA (my perception). I had over 20 scopes passed thrugh my hands and not one Leupold nor Zeiss had any problem. Using customers for QA is just that... I will only do it once.

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Hi folks should have the replacement by 10oclock tomorrow,which is impressive by any standards.
700.Hi the u.k importer is THE RIFLE STORE Ltd 0870 770 1941....www.theriflestore.com get this months Shooting Sports their is an article on I.O.R. I also orderd a 20moa taper base for a long action Win which came with the scope, which turned out to be a short action base.they contacted I.O.R who then said they only make for Remington LA bases.Some thing got lost in the translation I surpose,I thought their were not any other rifles than Winchester
I was impressed with the optic and all of its functions I hope that I am right with my first impression

Thany you for the info.

I ordered a 6x42 Tacticle direct from Romanian last year as I could not find a local dealer.

Purchase price was Euros 271.00. add on Euros 60 for shipping, 40.00 Euros for the Swift funds order, and Euros 80.00 for the VAT and duty, total Euros 451.00.

This works out at Sterling 292.00 which is exactly what your dealer is charging.

Lucky you, if something goes wrong I will have to send my scope to Romania.

I got a 1 year warrenty and you have 2 year warrenty.

Next time I will purchase from your dealer.


IOR Guys,

I have several IOR scopes. The M2, 2.5-10, and the TGA spotting scope. My 2.5-10 is SUPER clear and tracks great: VERY REPEATRABLE. The overall fit and finish seems to be lacking though. For example, on the elevation and windage turrets have no indicator as to which is up, down, left, or right. Granted this is not a big deal...but it is a nuisance.

I recently purchased a 4-14x50 with the second plane reticle and side focus knob (this is the "new style"). The scope had SERIOUS problems. First, the eyepiece was loose. Secondly, the power ring seemed to "grind the" lens when changing power AND the rubber ring around the diopter adjustment was loose or too big. Thirdly, the reticle would not come into focus (which may very well be associated with the other eyepiece issues). I spoke with the IOR importer and sent the scope back for warranty. After two weeks I received a NEW scope (literally BRAND NEW can't complain about that). But it gets worse. The second scope had the same issue with the rubber piece being too big on the diopter PLUS the rubber piece on the power ring was too big. Frustrating but again no big deal. I mounted the scope on my 700PSS with a 20 MOA tapered base and headed to the range to zero it in. I finally got it zeroed, but much to my dismay I only had 6 MOA of upward elevation adjustment WITH a 100 yard zero. Had I been using a standard flat base, I would not have been able to zero it at all. I think the product is a good value but the quality control is lacking. Leupold has upgraded their optics and I'm thinking of trying on of those.
1 year warranty, 2 year warranty???????? What the???????? No lifetime?????

Thanks for your review, and welcome to LRH! Good luck with it. I'm still on wait and hear status, thankfully it seems.
The Warrenty Certificate that I have has the scope serial number written on it,date of delivery,signature and stamp.It states a World wide warrenty for 30years as long as it is owned by the original purchaser.during the first two years they cover all costs for materials and work.
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