I need some stock help with savage rifle build- 6.5x55


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Aug 8, 2012
Biloxi, MS
Well, I'm planning to build my first savage rifle. I bought a savage 112 BVSS that I'm going to use. Planning on using a Criterion 28" stainless bull barrel in 6.5x55. Now, I am having problems deciding on a stock. Should I use the savage heavy laminate BVSS stock, switch to a different laminate stock, or go with a heavy choate or something like that. Looking to stay under $300 if possible.
That is more of a personal taste, i have alot of composite stocks but i still love the feel of wood. I used a Bobby Hart long range stock on my 6br, it has a alumn bed block and pillars in it. I really like it. There alot of guys using laminate stocks in competition shoots. Use what you like.
You should have a look at Stockades selection, Kevin Rayhill builds a very nice stock...I have one of his thumbhole rollover cheekpiece sporters on order should be here anytime...His lead times are long though ! I dont have anything planned for the stock I have ordered If you need somthing quick drop me a PM I might sell you this one and order another...It would be under $300.
It is a matter of personal preference and intended use. I'd put it back in the BVSS stock then decide what you like/don't like for your particular application. I can't imagine swapping a BVSS stock for a Choate but you might.
The rifle hasn't been delivered yet, so I guess I'll just have to try out the bvss stock. I have seen several for sale and I figured there must be a reason people get rid of them. Is it a decent option for a stock for what I'm building (a dual purpose still hunting/target rifle)? Just haven't seen anything mentioned about it being a good stock.
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