I need help


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Nov 18, 2018
South Carolina
I screwed up 20 rounds. I need to pull bullets, dump powder, and de-cap unfred primers. Who makes the best bullet puller and how do I de-cap unfired primers? Thanks
Frankford arsenal hand de primer
I've tried re-sizing primed brass after pulling bullets before, it frequently results in the primer being partially ejected. Then you can't get the brass out of the shell holder without removing the primer, you end up having to remove the primer anyway. Easier to just get them all out and be done with it. You might be able to just neck size them, but not full length sizing.
Do you need to resize the brass or something like that?
I pulled a bullet out of 280 rem to check what powder was in it, thought I would have to resize but the bullet went back in it as snug as when I pulled it. Usually I would at least neck size. Pulling bullets not something I do a lot of fortunately.