I need a smith to work on my Browning Model 78.


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Nov 9, 2022
The great Northwest/Washigton State
I have a 1975 Browning Model 78 in 6mm Remington. I have never had any issues with it until a week or so ago. When I was zeroing the rifle for some serious Chuck shooting.

I was shooting off a bench on bags. Every third or forth round, sometimes randomly. When I pulled the trigger. It would come all the way back to a dead stop. But the hammer wouldn’t drop. When I released tension on the trigger the hammer would drop and the rifle would fire.

To keep this from happening. If the trigger came to the wall and the hammer wouldn’t drop. I would have to keep tension on the trigger. Reach up and hold the hammer down. Then drop the block and eject the unfired round and trying it again.

I need this issue fixed. Feel free to post or PM me. If you can help.


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I have had the same problem once upon a time. These triggers are finicky and complex and don't take to being fiddled with. I am looking at mine as a guide. There are 2 screws in the back of the trigger. Are yours sealed? If not, adjust the front screw so it is within 1/16" of the top of it's bore. The back screw adjusts over travel and you can set that where it works best for you. The screw in the body of the action, back and to the right of the trigger, is the trigger pull weight screw. Don't try to make your trigger pull too light or too heavy as it will render the trigger inoperable. Mine is set at a depth of approx. 1/8" from the top of its bore. The 4th screw with the 2 pin crown is the take-up adjustment and mine is set so the edge of the crown is even with the body of the action. If the two front screws are sealed and not adjustable you probably have the pull weight set too light. The last possibility, according to notes from an old forum discussion that I have, say the tension spring that the front screw adjusts may be worn or broken. As a backcheck on myself, I pulled my other B78 out and it's adjusted the same and functions the same as the first.
Hope that helps! In the case that none of this works, as a last resort I would suggest hitting the forum for info on a -smith familiar with these rifles. Trouble is most of those guys are gone... Let me know how it goes.
If you happen to need a place to store to store them, I have room. I clean weapons in my possession 2x a year even if they have been touched. Am I persuading you yet?