I made the trade


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Dec 27, 2009
South Central PA
well last week i ask your opinion on if i should trade a Rem 700 SPS 22-250 for a 257 Weatherby Vanguard. Well i made the trade and here it is. I threw a scope on it for now just a 3-9 but will shop around for something better. I did have to go in and adjust the trigger. I got it set as good as you can get a factory vanguard trigger. Had to do a little shaving. Well here are some pictures.


It would look neat if you get that ram-line stock dipped.You should get a 30" barrel installed -N- what not . I like the vanguard its a really smooth action .Gunsmithing - Shop Gunsmithing Tools & Supplies at MidwayUSA

Roy killed a cape buffalo with the 257 wby
Really??? WOW! I love my .257 Wby Mag (fixing to buy a new one...:D), and am definitely an advocate of that cartridge. And I knew it was a powerful load........but never realize it was quite that powerful...

Then again....I guess any bullet placed in the perfect location could do the trick...
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