I know I am not the only one: Weatherby 307

Given the option, a Stainless Mac brothers for $775 or a Blued Weatherby for $750, I'll take the Mac Bros every day.

Could not find anything stating exactly what the action is made of, but I did see this. I am wondering with the move towards stainless if that isn't what this action is made of.

Unfortunately, Weatherby has a problem with recalling their own history.
The first Weatherby action was the Mark V 9 lug, then the 6 lug 308 length Varmintmaster which was also used for the Weatherby single shot pistol. Then they came out with the 6 lug, 375 H&H length action in the 90's, and now they have the FOURTH action, which is the 307.

Of course the Howa 1500 is in there somewhere as well.

It's clearly not the first new action in 50 years.

Hope to hear your review next week.
No private tours and customer area and gift shop is closed on weekends. They did tell me the actions were built in the USA, but could not reveal the source. If I get a slow day at work, i will have to close the shop and drive over there. It's just an hour away. They did respond to my e-mail within a couple hours.
My experience with them is that they are ALWAYS very responsive to emails. I had asked them questions a few times and I was surprised how quick they responded. I had sent me serial numbers of my Mark V's and they told me real model, countty month and year of manufacture (my question) within 2 hours. My only complaint about MarK V actions is the lack of aftermarket stuff.
Adam started up a thread on the nation, being mostly a bunch of guys that miss the wood stocks of weatherby foundation it was actually pretty well received. Not that people are jumping to get one, but to be an objective person and realize they are running a manufacturing company and in order to do that you have to target consumer tastes and demand. If the market wanted mostly wood guns, that's what they would be making! LOL - the tactical look is not for me, nothing wrong with it just not my cup of tea. I sold all my fiber stocks (well mostly) and replaced with allot of wood only to fall in love with the backcountry rifles which i have 5 or 6 now in various calibers so maybe you can teach an old dog new tricks! :) Have always been a weatherby fan, I like the calibers. Personally I figured they were going to release another rpm line, so this was a curveball.

I hope it's a hit - I bet it's a shooter.
Looks like plastic trigger guard which I'm not a fan of but doesn't affect accuracy.