I know I am not the only one: Weatherby 307

I got one also, I give them credit, they are always competing. Just like Roy did, you can't set stagnant, do nothing and expect to succeed, you have to meet or beat what is saleing. I like the cost of the action and mag box length. Good for them. 👍👍👌

The 26.4oz short and 28.5oz long action seems like a good place to be at the price tag

Yeah but 1:10 for .270, 06, 300WM. 🙁
Not very many factory loaded bullets for those that need a faster twist. Factory Rifle companies are not going to cater to a very small group of the population that like to shoot heavy monos in 30 cals. And there is no factory ammo I am aware of in 270 that has a bullet that needs a faster twist, there again only a very small part of the population shooting the EOL or heavy monos.