I just love 50% off sales.

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    Jan 10, 2008
    A couple weeks ago I had some friends visiting and one was looking for a certain brand of shoe. The only place that carried that brand was a sporting goods in the next town over from me. While they were looking at shoes I went up to the gun department and rounded the corner and saw a sign 50% off. There were two T/C Contender pistol barrels and a couple rifle barrels and some Encore rifle barrels. I had been wanting a 22 LR pistol barrel for a long time but would not pay the price of a new one just to plink with. But there in the sale stack sat a 14" match chamber 22 LR barrel. I got it out the door for $154. I put a 2.5-8x28 Weaver pistol scope on it that I had and went to the range today. This thing is a shooter. Tried 7 different brands of ammo and all but one brand would put 5 shots inside a 1/2" dot at 50 yards and the one that was the worst was just a hair outside the dot. With a good rest I believe it would be very hard not to hit a squirrel in the head at 100 yards. I am planning on doing some gray squirrel hunting with it when the leaves fall off the trees.
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