I bought the Sendero!!!

sure shot

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Jun 16, 2004
Well guys I bought it!! also got a box of factory Rem .300 Ultra's with 150gr Swift scirocco bullets. They seem a bit to light for this cartridge. Muzzle volocity I'am guessing must be around 3450 give or take. I ordered some 220gr MK's and 200gr Accubonds and 2 pounds of R-25. I pulled one of the Swifts for ***** and gigles and measured the powder in the factory cartridge 96.4gr can't tell witch brand. My dies come in on Wed. then a can get loading! going to pull the Leupold VX-III 6.5-20x40 off my 25-06 for this rig should make for a pretty good long range weapon system. Anybody with some accuracy loads with the bullets and powder listed above drop a line I also have R-22, IMR-7828,H-1000 AND IMR-4350. My lyman 47th does't have RUM info. Tell you what these 300 cases make 7mm Mag cases look tiny!!! It's going to be a long day at the range.
I didn't have great success with the Sciroccos. I'm also not crazy about a 150gr. bullet with that caliber. YMMV.

180gr. bullets, and RL25, will probably shoot sub moa for you. Most .300 RUM's do..Good luck!!!!..sakofan.....
Tommy B How would you like to develope a great load with Reloader 25 on a warm day.Go on your hunt only to find out that the cold weather knocked off 100 to 200 FPS offc your prized load.It seams that HODGEN and thier extrem weather powder works out real well.H1000 with 97.5 behind a Nosler 180 Gold partion shoots well under MOA.Oct 1st going Black bear hunting,in NO Ca.Going to use 200gr Nosler accubonds.Get a vias Muzzel brake!!!!!
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