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    I went to the gun store today, to buy some powder, and guess what, MY RIFLE HAD ARRIVED AS I WAS LOOKING AT THE RELOADING SUPPLIES!! [​IMG] [​IMG] That is awesome. So, I paid for it all, and bought 2 cans of Hodgdon 4831 "short cut", and they also had a box of Sierra 168 grain target bullets too. I have read too much good things on this site about these bullets to pass them up.

    The rifle is a real beauty, with the heavy stainless barrel, and the stock is real pretty. Feels real heavy compared to any rifle I've picked up before. Real handful in the pistol grip too, barely grab it. Should be a real shooter.

    So, I am going to get my scope mounted now, and load up some ammo tonight. I will clean the barrel before I shoot it.

    Wooooohooooooooooooo [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    PS, here is what my rifle looks like. I wish I had a digital so I could take a real pic of it. It is a real awesome rifle!
    112BVSS 7mm

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    Mar 21, 2003
    Seven Mag, I have been shooting Retumbo powder and the Hornady 162 Amax in my 7mag. It's a Remington 700. This combo shoots great and gives me 3000fps. Groups have been 1/2" to 5/8" @100yds and about 1.75" @ 300yds. Two things I noticed with Retumbo, the velocity extreme spread is very low and the barrel heats up much slower compared to RL22, RL19, or H4831. Brian
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    Apr 20, 2003
    I really like the RL 25 in my 7 mag remington sendero 162gr A-max at 70.5 grains a little over 3000 fps but keep in mind all guns are differnt so back down alittle bit start at around 66 grns. shot 2"7/16 at 450 yds and I love the powder and bullets will show a pic as soon as I can.