I Am 13!!!!


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Mar 2, 2012
Since some people on here dont believe that i am 13 heres a picture with me (right) my little brother (deerhunter13) and my 2010 mulie doe.
Good Looking deer young man.. Been looking at some of your posts---you are on the ball. Keep it up you are on the right track!
A Parker Buckshot it is adjustable from 30-40 lbs it think, it came with the sights and we just put on a limbsaver vibration reducer. It is now my carp fishing bow :D. But i now use a PSE Chaos FC that is adjustable from 30-40 lbs also. We put decent sights on it and the same libsaver vibration reducer. i shot this goose last summer.

sorry about it being so big.
I've got a 10 y/o friend. We started him with a Diamond Razors Edge. Pretty neat little bow about 10" of draw length adjustment, and 30-60 lbs weight. He starts hunter ed next week, I'll show him your pictures, and maybe come fall he'll have some of his own, Good luck.
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