I almost got to use my load at 800 yds yesterday.

Tim Behle

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Mar 16, 2002
McNeal, AZ

Be happy you don't have the Border Patrol up in your area. A couple of years ago, in this area, in about a 3-4 month period, they got into two gunfights. One with a 1,200 steer in the dark ( steer lost ) "Something dark came running out of the brush, I got scared and shot it." And a propane cannon used to scare birds out of an orchard, ( the propane cannon is still shooting off every 8 minutes. ) I think that standoff lasted about an hour and a half with multiple shots fired from both sides.

Fortunately no human life was lost, but during the shoot out with the propane cannon, an 80 year old Grandmother was taken into custody, handcuffed behind her back and forced to lay on the pavement of a southern Arizona Highway. Her only crime was driving while brown while in the presence of excited Federal Agents.

The real scary part is that they are still allowed to carry bullets, and wonder around my place at night.

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