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May 28, 2021
It sounds like you may have bought your 6.5 PRC from Gunwerks, which I also did a year ago. In order to squeeze the max accuracy from it, I would rec you spend a little extra up front on your die set and buy them with a micrometer on the seating die so you can precisely adjust depth of the bullets to the nearest .001". I'm very happy with my RCBS dies with the micrometer
I picked up a Christensen Arms Mesa. It’s a nice looking gun. I would have bought the bullets, but I haven’t broke in my barrel yet. Seemed like a waste

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Another welcome from CO! I'm a meateater as well. I asked a friend if there was any recipe for goose that didn't involve bacon. His answer, in a long circuitous fashion, was essentially, no. His wife was holding her nose the whole time he answered.
I love your country and it's nature. cheers


Jan 24, 2010
Hi everybody, I’m new here and figured I should introduce myself. I’m not much of a long range shooter, cause I’m not a very god shot, but I do love hunting. I hope to get better though. I am from Saskatchewan and hunt everything from whitetail to elk to moose. I won’t shoot animals I don’t plan on eating typically, ie. geese even though they are a really exciting hunt. I don’t own to many rifles, if there is such a thing, but the ones I have I enjoy. Currently I have a 30-06, 7mm rm, 375H&H and a new 6.5 prc. Thanks in advance for any tips and hopefully I can help out once in a while as well.
Welcome from Washington state

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Mar 1, 2016
I have all the equipment to reload. I just need to pick up a set of dies. Recommendations? The components are pretty scarce here too for the 6.5 prc. I bought mine about a month ago and still haven't shot it. There are no bullets, brass or powder anywhere. I did finally find some Nosler brass in Quebec. I had two boxes in my cart and by the time I paid, there was only one box available. So at least I've got 50 brass. I did find some Gunwerx ammo, but it was going to be $140/box. I know they have good brass, but that's just to much for me
Redding dies