Hunting optics purchasing - Buyer Beware

Len Backus

Staff member
May 2, 2001
I've been watching this thread and thinking about the rules.

8) There will be no threads started for the purpose of airing your problems with suppliers or manufacturers. (Complaint Threads) Handle those issues privately.

The company in question is a re-seller of optics and the OP feels he had a bad experience. I am sorry for that.

The reason for the LRH rule is that not always are the facts in these cases known or presented accurately and fairly to both parties. I am not talking about the facts in this case.

The problem is how many threads will we get with less definite facts? How do we let the accused party know he may want to defend himself? Etc, etc.

There is no way this site or any site can be a fair court of law.

So I am removing the content. Sorry.

As with our rule about no ethics discussions, there are many other websites where your problems can be discussed.