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    Located 5 miles South of Society Hill, Alabama off U.S. Hwy 80 in Macon County, a family owned farm (with adjoining leased property) and a “Family hunting experience”, 50+/- food plots, 50+/- built stands, 2000+ acres, 10% open land, 90% timber, an even mix of Hardwood and Pine, several creeks, two ponds, a mixture of graveled improved roads and four wheeler only roads, and recognized as a pioneer in restarting the hunting in this area.
    This property was the site chosen by the Alabama Game and Fish Commission to stock the first deer in this area in 1961. This site was chosen to stock the first Turkeys released in the area as well. The site has also been used for other game and fish tests to improve the area hunting by Auburn University. This property produced the 1974 Alabama State Record buck.

    Club membership is limited to 20 members. An Off Property camp site is available with a limited number of open camper spaces, a Skinning Shed and Cooler use is available, and a shooting range is available.
    Members’ Wives and Children under 18 hunt as free guests under the membership. Other family members and children 18 and over must pay guest hunting fees. All guests will be accompanied by the paying member.
    Club Rules are administered by a 3 person panel of club members in good standing.
    There is a Deer Processor within 10 miles with very reasonable rates, and there are motels and restaurants within 15 miles of the property. There is much in the area to offer a family oriented hunting group, to include a Baptist and Methodist Church in the community that will welcome you with open arms.
    This is a family oriented club, so no illegal substance use is allowed, nor is open alcoholic beverage use allowed in camp or on the hunting property. Your behavior while a club member affects the farming community, therefore the highest caliber behavior is required of you. If this type hunting is not for you, there are other clubs you may prefer to apply for.
    All Alabama game species may be hunted in season*(see asterisk below for the one exception). Fishing is allowed.
    This is a locked gate hunting property. The property is closed before and after hunting seasons. Work parties to maintain the stands, bridges, and roads are done prior to hunting season under supervision.
    New and Prospective members will be shown the property by appointment.
    This is a working farm, no mud riding, no night riding, and no reckless behavior is allowed. All Alabama Game and Fish regulations will be followed. Alabama State Game Wardens are given free access to the property.

    The Club consists of three adjoining property tracts combined as a whole property. Tract 1 is 1385 acres where all legal game species may be hunted under Alabama Law. Tract 2 is 300 acres where all legal game species may be hunted in Alabama. Tract 3 is approximately 350 acres where all legal games species may be hunted Except Turkey*.

    Tract 1 and 2 Buck requirements are 3 points or better one side for Buck 1, 4 points or better one side for Bucks 2-?. For herd management purposes, 4 does must be killed per buck on tract 1 and 2. Tract 3 requirements are Bucks must be 6 points or better with no doe limit. Failure to comply with these regulations will lead to loss of the leased properties, therefore, this is a non-negotiable issue. Failure to comply will lead to immediate dismissal from the club with no refund of dues.

    This Club has been in existence over 35 years, has averaged 100 deer per year killed off the property, has had the 1974 State Record, a 173 point Boone and Crockett deer taken, and has several 150 point B&C deer taken over the years. Other state record deer have been killed off adjoining properties.

    Interested, Want to know more?

    E-mail [email protected]

    Or send enquiries to:
    J.W. Huskey
    PO Box 2482
    Opelika, AL 36803

    If you are interested in us, we are interested in you too. Repeating, this is a family oriented club, so there are a few things we want to know about you.

    Address: (length of time there)
    Phone number:
    Marital Status:
    Number of Children:
    Employment and Length of same:
    Military background:
    Record/Arrests/DUI’s etc. Yours and anybody You may bring as a guest.
    Personal Reference, Specifically a Law Enforcement representative of your city/county, and I prefer the Chief of Police or the Sheriff, and a phone number for your reference in LE.
    Other Personal References:
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    How many of the hunting members of this club are law enforcement people?
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