Hudspeth County, Texas


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Jul 24, 2009
Anyone spent any time hunting or exploring out that way? Second largest county in Texas (4,571 sq. miles). The part I frequent, along the southwestern edge of the county along I-10, is pretty bare with only the occasional jackrabbit or coyote to be seen. I here there may be aoudad and mule deer, but I think my property is a bit west of their range. If I can't find anything beyond rocks to shoot, I may just spend some time with my metal detector and GPS doing some exploring; have to always be very aware of your surroundings out there, we've had problems with gunmen on our property in the past.
I lived there for a number of years, and still have many friends there. There are plenty of animals, you just have to look close.
We haven't found squat worth shooting out there, unfortunately. We have about 12,500 acres starting about 3/4 mile north of the river around Ft. Hancock. What area did you live in?
Dell City, and a ranch north of Cornudas. Worked cattle all around the county & saw lots of deer, antelope, and coyotes while rideing through the pastures. Watch the water and draws.
It's beautiful country out there, I just wish I had more time to spend out there. I'm trying to get out there in late April, but haven't been out there since Jan. 2007. I've been stuck living in the northeast and southeastern US the past six years with my job, so it's a haul to get home to Texas as often as I would like. But, sooner or later I will can my job and move out to some part of West Texas and work for myself.
Hey buddy drop me an email. I have hunted from El Paso to VanHorn and all the way down to Presidio. There are Aoudads and Mule Deer and quite a few other critters. You need some good optics and just patience. Its hard to spot them at first. Once you learn what to look for it wil become a little easier. Especially the AOUDAD. [email protected]
i am new to hudspeth but am looking fwd to some good hunting i am located north of I10 on big tank rd anyone know hows the game in that location
I am in El Paso, work on FT. Bliss looking for somewhere to hunt in the area. Would love to hunt Aoudads, prefer public land. Can anyone help?
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