HS Precision PLR in 300 Win Mag.


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Dec 29, 2018
Bought new in 2016, and has sat in safe since. This is unfired, as I have several other 300 Win. Mags, and HS rifles, and want to move this in hopes that another shooter/hunter will enjoy using. This is their PLR, precision long range model, with 26" fluted barrel, extra box mag, and Farell 20 moa picatinny steel base. Base price of these rifles is $3799.00. I ordered this with tri-color desert camo, tactical bolt handle, mercury recoil reducer in butt. LOP is 14". With all extras, it would cost $4323.00 as it sits. Sell for $2900.00 shipped to your FFL from private seller. Weight is 9 pounds, 8.8 ounces on my postal scale. There is also a thread protector if you choose to remove muzzle break. Please pm with any questions, and thank you.

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