How's the wolf hunting going for ya'all?

Finally got out and checked on a pack that has been moving through a ranch I have access to. Rancher called me and said they were at his place Wednesday AM. I went up Thursday AM. Seems like they just push and bounce out. I also think I have them patterned but time will tell. On another note, I was sure I had a wolf in my sights that morning and well, it wound up being a yote. It was 1370 took me 2.5 hours to get to it and found no tell tale sign of hit or miss, so I will chaulk it up to lead in the air only.

Hit it hard guys. I am going to try and do the same. I have 3 rifles in the shop right now to build as well so will get out when I can.

Judging as best as I can tell by your scope picture....The color, stance and the terrain,I'd say your looking at a Wolf there.
Brent and my other wolf huntings Friends, renew your chase just like the pack does.

chased animals have no defence but running,they are always being tested 24/7...365 days per year .

wolf and coyotes hunt manly at nite, but not all ways, rethink your hunting hours,

elk bleat calls were talked about, thats like free ammo !!!!:D Excellent idea use it to your advantage.

wolfs use frozen lakes, water holes, rivers, as roads to cutoff fleeing game. use the high ground,rock out crops to shoot from and observe.

high powered binos can find tracks in snow, saveing you leg time. another clue coyotes have shorter legs then wolfs, study pictures, wolfs are long in the Body length, plus their legs are very long meaning tall off the ground!!! yes yots can get big BUT their body size looks small n wimpy compared to the elk gorged wolfs.

tune your rifles MEN shoot straight and true and be law abiding hunters doing your job. i'm Proud of you all hunt smarter not longer,and above all Renew the Chase:)
Regards jjmp
Been a few trapped here and a few killed after incidental encounters. Not very many killed by wolf hunters. Don't see much chest thumping in these parts. What is wrong with us?
They are not stupid muts and adapt extremely well to the changing environment. I spent the last 3 days hunting wolves and found fresh tracks each day. I glass a lot from peaks where I can see great distances and look over the elk herds and wolf general travel routes. I normally don't have to hike as much as I did the last 3 days to see the sign, but other hunters I spoke with all reported seeing nothing at all. Although they seem to be using the same routes a little bit they must have changed their travel time or have other more widely used routes further away from human activity.

I am wondering if I need to go back to night time howling and locating with a plan developed for how to hunt during the day. Baffled.
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