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Jul 12, 2008
Well I'm Benjamin, I live in North East Texas, and I'm 26 (next month), and married so happily.

I've grown up around guns but my experience is limited to 22lr, 30-30, .38 special, .22 revolver, 9mm glock (brother in laws), mini-14, and once i get my CHGL a .40 semi auto. i also used to shoot .22 Benjamin air rifle, bb/pellet pump up hand gun, and various pump up BB rifles :)

I'm in school for nursing right now and I have an associates in automotive technology.

I also love working on my 84 Celica/Supra with a 1uz-fe v8 swap. I am planning on getting a 98 240sx to replace my crapped out 89 240sx.

As you can see i'm a car guy...but shooting is in my blood :D I love shooting my 30-30 but it was a gift from my grand-father (he gave each of his grandkids guns) so I am keeping it as it is. I want to shoot with a scope so I'm learning all I can...working my way to the scope ;)

(added) whoops didn't see the location in the title...and google map point? nah...NET is close enough
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