Howdy from Northern AB


Oct 28, 2009
Northern Alberta
Just wanted to say hi. The names John and I'm outta Northern AB. Been hunting since I was a little fella. Got into the long range game before it was a fad. I've been in several shooting competitions (won a few). I'm always looking to learn new things so here I am.

Currently I own two long range rifles:

1) Old trusty - Smithed up remimington 700 chambered for 300 WM. Accuracy International stock, Krieger barrel, Nightforce scope.

2) The Newby - PGW Timberwolf action chambered for 338 lapua. KMW Sentinel Stock, Krieger barrel, nightforce scope.

Both will do under 1/3 MOA or better at range. Or I should say I can shoot 1/3 MOA or better with them. I'm sure they are capable of better in the hands of a more consistent shooter.

Both have been used to take game. I'm not really keen on bench queens.

Anyhow I look forward to meeting some people and learning some new things. if anyone has any questions don't hesitate to ask.