Howa mini actions?

Just finished a 500 yard cold bore match with my Howa mini in 6.5 Grendel. Hadn’t shot it in a year, but finished not so bad. Hole is circled. Target is 5 inch diameter.
Agree, replace the bottom plastic metal with real metal to created some rigidity in bedding area. I also replaced stock trigger with Jard.


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Very nice , that’s a long shot, I can only shoot 450 yds at my local gun range also Wayne York build a 6.5 Grendel on a Howa mini and put it in one of his 18 oz stock, turned the barrel down and fitted with his bottom metal , very nice and great shooting rifle !!!!

Jard trigger was the trouble? How do you mean that -- you are not happy with the Jard? Or it made it better? Thinking about a Jard for mine. Good or bad?
I have and like both tikka and howa’s. I really like the mini. It’s compact and everyone I’ve had my hands on shoots well. I would opt for the heavy barrel one myself. I have one with a small pencil barrel 223 and a heavy barrel. I think the heavy has a bit more of balanced feel when shooting off hand, but that’s me.
CZ made a big mistake eliminating the 527. Best mini Mauser evah! I went to the Howa for a 6.5 Grendel. Accurate and not a bad firearm, but nothing like the 527!!
I bought the same Howa Mini BA from brownells in 6.5 grendel. I put it in a Sharps carbon chassis and liked it but the barrel was def heavy. Sent it to Preferred for an 18” new barrel and then stuck it in an elf owl chassis. Now it is a really sweet little rifle!! My experience was an expensive rabbit hole but ended up a cool little project.
Good afternoon guys, do you guys that own or have owned howa mini actions like them? I’m looking to buy a .223 caliber bolt gun and was considering buying a howa mini. Use will just be target practice at 100-600 yards, maybe some predator hunting. I am also considering buying a Tikka in .223 as I have a Tikka and love it. The gun store could not find any Tikka .223 in stock so I would have to find someone with one and have it transferred if I went that route so that’s half the reason I’m debating the howa mini. Brownells has barreled howa mini actions on sale for just under 400 bucks right now..
howa makes a great rifle out of the box. excellent trigger, very accurate shooting. if i had to make any complaint at all and this is petty it is the mini actions have very few magazine options beyond what comes with the rifle. the mini action grendel, 7.62x39 and .223 i believe come with 5 round mags as the only choice. no aftermarket to speak of.

for the money the howa imo shoots way above its price.
I have the Howa Grendel Heavy 20" Barrel. Spooky accurate with every reload... 90 TNT's, 120 Speer, 123 SST and 120 Noslers. I give a nod to the 120-123 grains. The 129's are dead on but give up a little speed in mine. I love the short action ! Soft shooting.