How to protect against Reloading scams

Also, we know the country has become anti police and defunding them for the last few years. So one way the departments get money is through drug enforcement seizures. When they find money and prosecute through drug task forces, they can use that money for purchases for the dept. So their efforts are absolutely focused more on those crimes than websites which garner them $.02. And that's if they even find the people behind the fake sites, with the fake ID's.
Not actually true at all how you described it. Yes they can do asset seizures not only for drug cases all criminal cases usually at felony level. Proceeds or things used to commit the crimes can be seized through a separate civil process. Reality is the courts are super harsh and the civil lawyer get rich system (yes all the politicians, judges, and most lawyers share the same bed) causes agencies to not do what they may be allowed. Please understand the current defund the police and restrict the police has been building and coming for the last 15 years, and taxpayers at least for America do not want to pay the cost of the protections and prosecutions of criminals. Especially at the extreme waste and laziness of the system.
As far as the web site issue and internet scammers the major majority of state level and lower agencies do not have the equipment nor staff to do the investigations they are limited in handling by jurisdiction and laws in place. The only agencies who can finalize the major majority of investigations are the Fed alphabet soup group and they just flat refuse to due to lack of manpower and funding. This has been going on since the internet and worldwide tech came into being. The federal government does not want to stop this and counts it as the cost to its citizens for what they are allowed to do by their citizens and countries abroad.
Reviews are constantly manipulated by vendors and sites. I have been offered refunds and free replacement many times if I will change my review. Nope negative ghost rider the pattern is full deal with some true reviews!
Have you been burned by a vendor on ammo seek?

yikes just read that ammo seek does not vet their vendors. If a vendor doesn’t send the price info, they get it off the vendor’s website. I’ve not been burned but maybe because I’ve not picked the wrong vendor. Never seen one in Ammo seek ask for PayPal, bitcoin, or Venmo payment yet (Dead giveaway). I can say they do have most, if not all of the well known online and big name storefront retailers. If you can’t trust your gut google them or check with the BBB
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