how to make them come out at day ?


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Feb 29, 2012
Don’t need to read online articles, I have seen hogs return to the same spot in day light 4-5 days after the corn was completely gone. A lot of hogs got shot


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Feb 19, 2009
my next dog will be a mastiff.Would you reconmend a bull mastiff of a mastiff.And i love the black.
l would recomend a Cane Corso. very inteligent dog. if you want something that looks a little more dangerous then a persa canerio would be good. thay both are very dominant dogs so you better be a tough and rough owner. you have to be the Alpha or it will be trouble waiting to happen mate.

robert l

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Feb 28, 2016
manatee county florida
Thanks for the info my family raised rottys and dobys for the sherrifs in virginia so im used to verry agressive dogs. i will look into them,thanks again bill.

wheels and levers

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Mar 25, 2020
buffalo valley tn
not an expert. been to texas twice hog hunting. both times the emerging forage was more to their liking than the corn on the ground under the feeders. we got tired of sitting in box blinds and went to the bedding areas and snuck around in the creek bottoms. we only killed one at night during two hunts, six others by silent stalk. gotta have the wind right and lotsa creek bottom/water to hunt. snake boots and close quarter rifles are helpful. big pigs are hard to drag out.

Double Naught Spy

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Oct 8, 2012
Forestburg, Montague County, Texas
Do some research on the Internet I don’t remember where I heard it it’s been many years but a pig is one of the most intelligent domesticated animals supposedly smarter than a dog
Sure, smart. Apparently smarter than a goodly percentage of hunters who can't figure out how to hunt animals that won't walk right out in front of them and stand still at 25 yards and wait to be shot. You hear sayings like, "He didn't grow that big by being stupid." Which is true. Stupidity contains few calories. When you think about it, many of the really big hogs got that way by being scared, timid, and eating a lot.

Harder to hunt than rabbits or deer? Maybe, but that isn't saying a whole lot. Coyotes are pretty darned smart canids as well and we kill a lot of them.

Last I checked, humans are supposed to be a whole lot smarter than dogs, dophins, chimps, or hogs. Yes, hogs can often figure out the amazingly simple schemes people some up with to get them. It isn't that the hogs are all that smart, but that the humans aren't trying hard enough.

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