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    Just a couple of things to mention that may, or may not, make surfing here a little easier for not only the poster but the reader.

    First, when posting a link to a website it helps sometimes if you change it so that the wording that shows up makes it easier to know what the site is. Some sites web address may not make it plain what the site really is. LongRangeHunting has a web address that makes sense but not all are so easy to understand.

    If you simply copy and paste the web address and put the site in, it will show like this:

    If you use the link icon above and put the copied and pasted link in there, you can change it and make it read like this: This is the LongRangeHunting Website
    You can change the text to read anything you like such as, This is the link to the product I was talking about.

    You would use the following format to make it read as above.

    Dec. 28, 2011 11.01 AMScreenHunter_.jpg

    Second, you may have noticed that all of the links above are underlined. Sometimes, when reading a thread/post there may be some links that aren't really apparent. If you are using Firefox there is an Add-on called "No Squint". In that add-on there is an option that allows you to "Always Underline Links". For me at least, having all links underlined makes them show up better and lessens the chance that I may miss a link. Some places such as when viewing a forum the links are obvious but sometimes links can disappear in a post and the underline option makes then easily visible.