How to hunt wolves?

Wolves will respond to calling but I have never seen or heard of them coming in fast like coyotes sometimes do. They generally come in slow and cautious
and may take up to an hour to check out the source of the call. Another tip on hunting them is watch for congreations of birds (crows, ravens, magpies) to locate their kills. If there is lots of prey the pack may not be on the kill long but
sometimes lone wolves will visit these kill sites, which they locate as well sometimes by the birds squawking.

I saw this happen out side of jackson hole a faw years back it was something to see. We where taking pic of a wolf walking down a trail on the side of a hill when he heard a bounch of ravens behind him he turned 180* and took off running to them around a mile. i thought he was going after them but turn out there was a dead big horn that they where on. Very cool to see

BEST THING FOR WOLVES IS S S S !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (SHOOT, SHOVEL, SHUT UP)
the green pet lovers do not like any wolves to be shot .
it this a true statement ? if so i think it would be very nice to be able to stop shooting them. stay with me here i know i have a few guys already heading over to shoot me with those words lol. but 1 very good way to stop shooting them would be to not have any to shoot at. if all the wolves in the lower 48 could be relocated this would do the trick.
the 1st place to get there very own pack that they could love and call there own should new york . where in new york would be the best place for a pack to live that has no hunting so they can live and breed and go old. i think the answer to this
would be CENTRAL PARK . then maybe we could fan out from there to places like WASHINGTON DC, SAN FRANSICO and any place else that you can noy hunt and has a cpl million dumb *** wolf lovers. they seen to love having these wolves in our back yard lets give them some in there yards.they stopped lion hunting in california which worked out well for the joggers lol. maybe the wolves will work out well for the joggers in central park. natures way of thinning the herd.
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