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  1. Tylermazz

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    Nov 7, 2003
    Ok guys, i need a little help. Decided to finaly take up shooting and am interested in long range shooting (target, competition and hunting). Not the richest bloke in the world, so i am thinking of buying a package Ruger .308 with mounted Nikko Sterling scope (4-10). What are your thoughts on this equip and will it be suitable for my shooting conditions. Also looking for good reading material such as shooting manuals etc which can give me some insight into the basics of shooting techniques and balistics. I've heard the "Ultimate Sniper Manual" is a good read. Any thoughts?

    All help is greatly appreciated.
    Thanx [​IMG]
  2. jb1000br

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    Jul 8, 2003
    G'day from the topside and welcome!!

    personally, and for the money, i would scrap the ruger and go with a savage--they make several heavy 308's including ones that come with mcmillan stocks. you wont go wrong with a savage.

    also, the best tactical scope for the money right now is the bushnell 10x 3200 mil-dot--i think natchez supply here in the states had them for like 150US--cant beat that!!

    oooo--also the savages come with their new trigger which is supposed to be a pretty amazing factory trigger.

    also, savages are cheaper to customize than other makes (via sharp shooters supply) and will hold their own against other tactical type guns costing much more.


    Savaga Arms

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  3. LeMay

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    Jul 11, 2003
    Dave is right on that. He's a guy with lots of shooting experience. Heres a link to the USMC Sniper manual.
    Read on the stuff and make your owe choices. Me I Like Rem 700 and Leupold Scopes in 308 300 WSM and 338 Lapua. You can also go to Sniper Country web page read on the Bulletin Board and their Hot Links has lost of good shooting info.

    LeMay OUT
  4. Bulletpusher

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    Dec 10, 2003
    The Ruger M77MKII Target rifle is by far the finest production varmint/target rifle in the United States today, bar none. I know that everyone reading this will think I nuts and I don't care.

    I've shot (2) .223, (1).308 and (1).25-06 versions of the Ruger and every one has been extremly accurate. I'm talking sub 3/8" groups out of the box.

    I've shot Winchesters, Remingtons, Savage, and Rugers and the Ruger Target rifles will win hands down everytime with out having to modify anything.

    I've shot scoped long range rifles in the Military for years and lots of bench and hunting shooting and never been impressed with any rifle out of the box untill I started shooting the Ruger Target models.

    Now thats my opion, you can take it or leave it.

    One Shot One Kill,
  5. Michael Eichele

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    Jan 6, 2003
    On the other hand I have shot groups in the low .400's at 300 yards with factory Rem 700's out of the box and honestly couldnt keep groups on the box with the ruger. Alot depends upon gun to shooter "fit" for lack of a better term. The savage tactical w/McMillan A2 or the Remington 700p in 308 would be fine choices and you would never regret either one. Once you learn more about the sport, you can go custom.

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  6. 4mesh063

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    Dec 8, 2002
    If you are really "just starting out" and you want to begin with a factory rifle, I would recomend a 243Win with a 9 twist from whatever brand name you like who makes one. You could shoot prone without breaking your collar bone, shoot 1K, shoot short range, and at least do respectable in about anything. Then, the cost of components would be less in 6mm instead of 30 cal and when it's usefulness is past, you could sell it and move on without taking it in the shorts.

    Just make sure you get a heavy barrel gun in whatever you decide. The other thing to look at for saving money is to buy a used match gun from someone. Noone looses money on a gun like the guy who builds a ground up match gun. You can be the beneficiary of someone elses loss.