How should I add a ARCA rail to a Magpul Hunter stock?

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Good morning,
I currently have a Magpul hunter stock and I would like to add an Arca rail to the bottom of the stock forward of the magazine well to attach to the head of my tripod. I have contacted Magpul and they do not recommend any modifications to the stock.

I also have a KRG bravo stock with a Arca rail on the bottom and I prefer the stability when attached to a tripod as compared to using a PIG saddle as shown.

I am willing to take ownership of modifying the stock and any potential negative impacts. For those of you who have more experience with this sort of modifications do you have any recommendations on how I should attach a rail to the bottom of the stock? I am wondering if I should install threaded inserts, possibly screwing the rail in directly? Attached is an image of the rifle in its current configuration.

Thank you for any input.

Area 419 has an ARCA rail set up that I put on a McMillan stock. It goes on the front action screw and has insert you install the length of the forearm
where is the picture of the configuration of the rifle since you own the rifle you own all photo rights to your pasific rifle.
I did basically the same thing as winkfish on the magpul stock for my Volquarsten. I used RRS plate and a drill press and clamp to make sure I centered everything and it didn't move during drilling. I used epoxy to secure the nuts and perhaps make up a little for the webbing loss. It took a little consideration before attempting the modification but in the end I decided it wasn't like I was risking all that much because I could always get another stock off the shelf fairly easily.
I took your advice and just went to a local camera store to see what they had. I found one that would work. I was able to use one of the internal bosses and just threaded it. The others I drilled, and used JB Weld to hold the blind nuts in place. I think it will work just fine. Thank you for the input.


I have the same stock. Definitely gonna be making this upgrade soon! Thanks for the pics
This is the second one I did. Cheap *** rail from Amazon and the pronged inserts from lowes. Center line from front action screw to sling stud hole


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I am looking to do the same thing to a Magpul Stock for the Ruger American. I would like an Arca Rail that goes from just in front of the magazine going forward, therefore requiring drilling the stock for attachment points? I would like to hear from you on how you chose to do it and how it worked out for you.