how much power


Jul 12, 2003
front royal, va
I am putting together a 30-06 for shooting out to 1000 yards. I was looking at the Nightforce 12-42x56BR but am now wondering how much power do I really need for hitting a dinner plate at this distance when shooting a .22 caliber sabot and hitting same said dinner plate at 600 yards when shooting a .30 caliber bullet. I do like the 12" mirage tube available for the Nightforce. I am not sure anybody else offers one that long.
to sight on a diner plate if it is a bright colored one 20x to 25 x is enought and avoid to much mirage

30.06 is a good long range cartridge with the 175 SMK or the 190 SMK ( perhaps the Hornady 178 AMAX )

Accurate powder give 55.5 grain ( max ) of AA4350 with 190 SMK no moly bullet for 2663 fps in a 24 inch test barrel that enought to reach 1000 yards

if you use a 26 inch you get better velocity

22 sabot doesn t give amazing accuracy even if they reach funny velocity

good shooting

Then it seems I could get away with a 6-24X or 8-32X and save a boatload of bananas over the Nightforce 12-42x56BR I was wanting. I'll consider it, but you can't beat the "envy factor" of the Nightforce.
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