How much differance will .69 BC make

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    I'm working on a load for a 25-06 and I'd like to use either the Nosler Balistic tip with a BC of .453 or the Berger VLD with a BC of .522 , my question is how much differance with the higher BC make at the 500yd mark , I meen is it going to be noticabley flatter or hit much harder.

    The launch speed for both is going to be real close to the 3100fps mark.

    Anybody out their have a calculater that will run that ??
  2. Brian Rybicky

    Brian Rybicky Well-Known Member

    Dec 14, 2003

    both 100yard zero at sea level starting at 3100fps 115gr bullet
    500yards 2110.2 1137.0 -43.2 for bt
    500yards 2228.4 1267.9 -41.1 for berger
    fps energy drop

    good shootin,

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    thanks alot Brian , thats about what I figured , I don't think that a deer will know the differance
    I guess I just have to find out which one shoots the best.