How many use “Old” Scopes?

Why the h### would you drive around with rifle on cardboard in bed of truck? Mine are always in the cab with me when traveling.
I knew I was going to get some response like that. Do whatever you want, but how do you ascertain something is reasonably shockproof?

i don't do that exactly, but I do put in a thin soft case and in the truck bed.
.22-250. I think the Japanese ones were 1:12 and the German ones were 1:14 in that caliber. It was quite a rifle but I parted with it due to headspace issues.
I bought both the .224 and .22-250 the .22-250 served me well, and yes Japanese made Wby's are 1-12 twist, I use 60gr Sierra in it, and it put away a lot of Yote over the years, later I pulled and re-barrel to a 6XC for a Deer and Varmnit rifle with the same barrel profile, so if I wanted to put the old barrel back on I could, with that said the 6XC and the Wby Varmintmaster make an outstanding Deer rifle to walk with, deadly accurate. I just never could part with these two. Cheers
Found another one I shoot now and then WEAVER K10 60-B on my Ruger 77/22 LR this is an old one. Cheers

Ruger 7722.jpg
Ha! With all this nostalgia, I could make a fortune with a listing in the classifieds! I bought several new (old stock) and slightly used Swarovski and Zeiss scopes 12-15 years ago because I feared they would quit making gloss option. Well, I am proud to say I was mostly right for once!
I like grainy wood and shiny blued custom model 70's and the best looking matte scopes just don't look right!
I like the curtains to match the carpet!!!
Zeiss did an in-between finish for a few years! I have a 3x12X56 w/heavy German post reticle, I might sell one day!
Awesome post, I have 4 active circa early 1960 B&Ls on rifles I use all the time. Two of my Balvar 2.5-8x's are mounted on a 243 and 30-06. I have a B&L 6x dot on a 223. Amazing how the bullet hits where the dot is out to about 300 yds, no waste of time targeting. And I just put the fourth old B&L 6x with straight, fine cross hair on an new 223 build. I consider my 1970s Leupold's 12x and 6.5-20x as "new" and yes, I have a recent Vortex Diamondback addition. BUT my best vintage scopes are 1960's B&L straight tube 6x on a custom build Mauser 243, and 8x on a Pre'64 Win 264 Mag, using B&L adjustable bases. I've shelved these two older ones but my Dad took many, many, muleys, antelope, and coyotes with these old optics. I suspect that most of these old scopes can shoot better in the field than the individual shooting them.
I knew I was going to get some response like that. Do whatever you want, but how do you ascertain something is reasonably shockproof?

i don't do that exactly, but I do put in a thin soft case and in the truck bed.
There is always a concern that a cheaper or an unreliable scope won't hold zero.

I don't think think I have encountered it but People have always said it can happen.

I know your example was just that but it could be it gets bumped, knocked or falls affecting the zero and that could be the difference between success or failure on a hunt so knowing it will hold up to harsh treatment beats Wondering if it will lose zero.

Both Nightforce and March scopes give the scopes a fair whack in the assembly stage to be sure the parts are secure.

I think Leupold have a machine they test scope models for simulated repeated recoil.

Somehow we spend more money on better optics and mounts to avoid unforseen problems when in use, or in transit to it's intended use.

I can't think when I've had an optic lose point of impact but I have found loose action screws to cause me poi change on 2 different rifles.
I went on a kick collecting vintage German fixed powers for a while. Off the top of my head, I have...

2.5x Lisenfield
4x Zeiss
4x Kahles
4x Nickel
6x Zeiss
6x S&B
6x Swarovski
8x Kahles
8x Zeiss

All are German #1 and #4 reticle. They are all pretty amazing for their age, glass far better than modern day entry level, even from the couple 50s vintage. And they all still function perfectly. I have thought about selling some of them, but a few will never leave the rifles they are on.
YZ, buried in your post is your question,

"I'm interested to know how many of you use (old scopes) for what you might consider "long range" (relative term)."

Most responders are focusing their responses on "owning old scopes" and not focusing their responses on "long range use" which is your question.

Studies have proven numerous times that we can not accurately judge distances past about 300 yds. That's a fact. Most don't consider 300 yds "long range." What has changed the long range shooting game and requirements for new scopes and new reticles is the laser rangefinder. In the past, the range was guessed and the shooter also guessed on how much to holdover. Both very bad practices. The laser rangefinder and ballistics applications now give the shooter an accurate range calculation so scopes needed to evolve to give the shooter accurate reticle extensions and accurate turret markings to match the accuracy of the laser rangefinder. Can you use an old duplex reticled scope to shoot past 600yds, yes! Will you hit your target? Most likely, no! This is why you need to replace old scopes for LONG RANGE, not because you can still see something through them or they're pretty or nostalgic.

Bottomline, old scopes are not adequate for ethical long range hunting.
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