How many guns do you have?

My uncle is crazy! He has an arsenal in his basement. He has a 357 magnum glock, an automatic 12 gauge shotgun and a 30-06 sniper rifle with a 3-9 power scope. He has so many high capacity clips for them too! I'll bet has has over 200 bullet heads that he keeps in one of those green metal army boxes. It's super scary to go in his basement. :eek::eek::eek:
Less than last year. Trying to whittle down. Anymore I'm tired of collecting id rather Point at 4 guns and have 5 thousand rounds a piece on them than have guns I never shoot. So far it's working.
Hi dad, I am writing to inform you that I am without any guns and need some terribly. I can give you my address if that helps 😁
I'm assuming that this was hit and release?
Backpacking in North Carolina. Female with cubs. She was trying to get people to drop their packs looking for food. She came at me and my wife. Wife was holding onto my backpack looking over my shoulder. She would run at people low to ground and take a swipe at them. Stood my ground and whacked her in the left side of her head. She rolled over and ran off. We went the other way.