How many from Oregon here?

The only gunsmiths I know of are at Allison & Carey. There was Rich's gunshop in Donald, but he closed and moved to Idaho. If you find one please post it.
I am in Oregon City, have been a member on and off for a while at Douglas Ridge Rifle Club. I'd like to get up to the clackamas river area and find some safe areas to shoot out to several hundred yards which should be doable now that the burn has reduced the some of the jungle to brush.

I have also been looking for a good gun smith in my area. If any one has a recommendation or another thread or forum that has discussion on this I would appreciate the info! As would the other couple guys here asking about a good gunsmith.

Maybe I'll go down to DDRC and chat with some of the guys there about rifle builds, I have picked up a lot of good tips and advice from talking with people there before.