How many distances do you verify ?

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    Feb 11, 2010
    Ok , I had to put together a new load for my .338, and I am heading out west in a couple of days. I was only able to verify a couple of distances this weekend and I will have a little time when I get to hunting spot to shoot.

    I have verified 300 yard zero/ 800 yards/1140yards I have played around with my ballistics calc to give me correct values. Actually it gave me correct comeup from 800 to 1140 sunday first shot was perfect elevation missed the wind just a tad, but elevation was perfect.

    How many more distances should I need to check before I can be confident it will be spot on. I kinda think it is now, but everytime I think I have it figured out I get humbled.

    Also I had to lower muzzle velocity from 2840 to 2740 in calculator to get right dope. Should I have played with the B.C. instead ?
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    Mar 10, 2006
    If all of those distances match you will be fine.
    But remember you have to adjust your data to match the density altitude you are hunting at.
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    I am still in a learning curve myself when it comes to stuff beyond 700 yds.

    But, what I can tell you is to check your gun when you get out here. A good friend just recently brought out his new custom rifle. He had it zero'd at 100 and drops confirmed at 300 and 600 yds at home.........they were spot on.

    When he got here (we're still assuming that the rifle scope made the journey safely) he was no longer zero'd at 100, but 3/4 moa high at 100. We ended up having to play with velocity and make other changes to the program to make it match the "real world" drops once he got out here to Wyoming. We shot out to 950 yds on paper and saw some big differences between the program drops and actual drops on some days. Some days they matched.....still confused on that one.

    I guess I have been truly blessed by being able to shoot at the range and then go hunt at the same altitude and same conditions basically.

    Best of luck to you.