how many clicks do l go up?


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Feb 19, 2009
5 inches high at 400 meters and my scope says 1 cm at 100 meters so to put it dead on how many clicks do l have to turn it? and a nother question 5 inches low at 400 meters so l turn 3 clicks to the direction of the arow (h) and shoot and it hits 7 inches low? whats going on? am l not shooting straight?
Is it 5 inches or 5 MOA?

If it's 5 inches then:
An inch is 2.54 cm at 100 yards. So if you need to go up 5 inches then 5 X 2.5 = 12.5. But at 400 yards each click is 4 cm then 12/4 = 3 then you would go up about 3 clicks.

If it's 5 MOA then:
5 MOA at 400 yards = 20 inches.
20 X 2.5 = 50 cm
50 / 4 = 12.5 because at 400 yards 1 click = 4 cm.
Then go up 12 - 13 clicks for 400 yard zero.

If your trajectory does not match, maybe the speed you input is not correct. If your actual bullets speed is lower than what you are using then the bullet will strike lower than predicted. Also the BC of the bullet might be off a little.

Hope that helps.

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