How Many Bulls Can You Count

Wow, that is alot of elk! The last one I shot was out of a group of 120 moving through a field in a similar fashion.

Thanks for posting.
Not many. I was at about 5 bulls. Looked to be less then ten and only one with real size to him. Impressive video tough.
And they keep on coming...Amazing even with people that close and talking.
The scary thing to me is the lack of calves.. They were sure a lot of dry cows in that herd.. Maybe it has something to do with the lack of bulls but I bet that it has a lot to do with wolves and cats..........
Whats even more cool is look at the wide open plains during the winter in CO. Look like ants and literally witnessed seeing over 100,000 elk. (Probably exaggerating but the herd was miles long by miles wide (This I know for a fact)).

Unfortunately the major winter kill a few years ago sure did have a huge impact. Large percentage of them died off.
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