How many 30 calibers do I really need?


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Nov 15, 2013
My kids thought I needed one more, or then again maybe I have enough, so they gave me this. It’s a metal model you assemble


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Sep 27, 2011
Southern Arizona
A 7lb version but with a 9 twist for the heavies and maybe do a shorter barrel versioned at 22”. I really think a 22” barrel is just a great option for a hunting rifle. My 65 PRC is built this way and how they balance and point is just spot on for me. Good luck with your choice!


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Dec 10, 2013
I’ve had plans to build a new 300 PRC for a year or more now and I’m not sure what use it will have?

Right now I’ve got
1. A heavy 13lb tactical 308 shooting 168smk at 2815 and 175 smk at 2760 it’s a fun gun to shoot all day and not get beat up or feel like you are burning a hole in the wallet.

2. A light weight 6.5lb carbon fiber barreled 300 wsm. That I haven’t even shot yet but my plan is to shoot 208 eldm out of it. It’s built on a Tikka so the OAL can be up to 3.3” the barrel is 22” I’m thinking in the neighborhood of 2800-2850 fps with the 208’s.

3. A heavy 13lb 300 prc that is patterned after Chris Kyle’s famous 338 Lapua. I built it because I thought it would be cool but I haven’t shot it yet either.

4. A mid weight 9lb 300 win mag that is just an all around good hunting rifle. Shooting the 212 eldx at 2950.

I was planning to build a mid weight 300 prc for all around hunting needs to replace the 300 win mag. I’ve got a couple barrel options to choose from and I’m kinda stuck not knowing exactly what I want. I have a 26” sendero contour proof carbon 1-10” twist if I decided to go lighter weight. But the stock I have planned for it is an adjustable game warden and it weighs almost 3lbs. Seems like a waste to but a carbon barrel on a heavy stock. I also have a Bartlein sendero contour 1-8” twist 27” stainless barrel that I had originally intended to use. This would probably make a rifle in the 10lb range and im not sure if want that either.

My question Is really how much difference is there between a 300 PRC a 300 win mag and a 300 wsm? If I build a 300 PRC with the proof barrel I’ll probably find a different stock that weighs about 2lbs and have a 7lb rifle but that’s so close to the 300 wsm is there really a reason to do it? If I go with the heavier barrel and a 10lb rifle results then it will be close to the 300 win mag and what use would there be for that? Should I just sell the other rifles and build a 300 PRC that’ll fill the roles of both?
Love the interest you have - but what is the old saying? Beware the man with one gun - for he probably knows how to use it,

Assuming you shoot them well - either your 6.5 Lb Tikka/300 WSM - or your 9 lb 300 WM will do anything you need in North America - short of perhaps a really BIG BEAR. For that - maybe get a real .338 Laupa. :) BTW - that one might kick a wee bit. :)


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Nov 10, 2020
Roanoke Va
I am kinda in the same situation-
300 wsm
2 300 win mags- one I have never shot
300 Norma Mag- never shot
300 Ultra Mag - never shot

When I go hunting I grab the Win Mag 100% of the time. I only hunt Whitetails but I want enough gun for any shot not just for perfect shots.

I want a PRC but with component availability and the current politics I am seriously contemplating scaling back on calibers and concentrating on calibers with more reliable supplies.

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