How light bullets with 22-250 : 1in9


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Jan 3, 2010
Amarillo, TX
Hi Guys,
Just bought a Savage Mod 12 in 22-250, I know I should be able to shoot the
heavier bullets with it (1 in 9 twist). But was wondering how light I can go
without the bullets comming apart, of course it will depend on velocity. I want at least 3000f/s. Anynone with some experience.
Just depends on the bullets. If your using Nosler BTs, you can drive a 40 gr as fast as you want and you will not have any problems. If you go with a conventional cup jacketed bullet such as a speer tnt, Sierra Blitzking or Hornady V-Max, you will likely have to pull the throttle back or you will likely be seeing bullets come apart after leaving the barrel, especially from a warm or worn bore.

The Noslers have a solid base of heavy guilding metal so they can handle pretty much anything you can throw at them.
55gr Vmax at 3600fps make it to the target just fine out of my savage LRPV 1:9 twist. 55 and 60 gr Nosler BT's and 36gr varmint grenades also work well. 52gr Hornady hollow points fly apart roughly 20% of the time. As for velocity, I push most of mine at top end book loads.

Give the 75gr Berger VLD a try, they stabilize in mine and the wind drift is WAY less than the lighter bullets.
Hey LongBommer,
You sound like a guy I need to talk to. I just got my Mod 12. and have not
even had a chance to pull the trigger, weather is rotten in the Texas Panhandle right now. What kind of load are you shooting with the 75gr.
I do not seem to be able to find much data on them, and thank for the reply.

Texas gunner
I shoot a 22-250 A.I. with a one 1:8 twist, mostly I shoot 75 and 80 grain vlds and amax at 3400fps. But just for the hell of it I took some 36gr Varmint Grenades and pushed them up over 4300 and they did not come apart, they didn't shoot that badly but not great. I am not sure what some of the other lighter bullets would do. I have a number of 40 -50 grain bullets I use in my 223 I guess I could see what they could do. I think you should be good up to 3600 with most any of the light bullets. Just be careful on some of the light bullets made for a 22 hornet. They are meant to come apart at slower speeds and they should be avoided with 22-250 with a faster twist.
Oh and at over 4300fps the varmint grenades did blow up rather impressively when the hit anything and I mean anything,a leaf or blade of grass and they came apart right now. Do the math on the RPMs at a 1 in 8 twist at 4300fps its getting close to 400,000 rpms.
Hornady has some reloading info on thier 75 Amax for the 22-250 BUT make sure you start with the low recomendations as I could not get to top loads without preasure signs!!
My old 8 twist 22-250 likes H414 with a magnum primer with the 75Amax. Start @ 33grains and work up.....Hornady says 38.1 is max but 37.5 was too hot in the hot summer sun with the 8 twist, I use 36.5grains @ 3350fps.
For the 75gr VLD I run 37.2gr H414 in a Nosler case, with a CCI benchrest primer, I would have to look up the COAL, but they are seated 5thou into the lands. I get 3170fps, ES 13. I tried RL 17, and got to a max of 3210fps, but the accuracy was not quite as good and i use that powder in other rifles, so I didn't want to burn through my supply.

I was out last weekend shooting at 500 yards, in 7-10mph winds, crossing at just under 90degree's. I was shooting Hornady 55gr Vmax factory loads and my 75gr VLD load. The wind drift was roughly 10 inches less with the VLD. The V-max drifted over 27 inches, and the VLD about 18 inches. My groups with the V-max were about 5 inches wide and 1.5 inches tall, the VLD 1.2 inches tall and a tick under 3 inches wide.
Thanks Longbomber,
I do thank you for your time, and info. I am going to see how my gun shoots
and soon as possible and the weather will give me a break.
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