How important is action stiffness?

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    Aug 22, 2005
    Back in 1982, I had a custom rifle commissioned using a factory barreled Rem 700 LA in 30-06. The barrel was replaced about 2007 with a 26" SS Lilja in the same contour but in 30-06AI. The action, I believe was never blueprinted. I am considering having it blueprinted to insure it's accuracy potential is optimum. The action, in 1982, was highly "lightened" by removing metal around the "waist" of the action from the front to the rear of the action opening. In addition it had some lightening cuts to the left and right side of the action. My question is as follows. Might the action, under forces of torque from firing, provide less than optimum accuracy vs an action that is in it's full and original condition?

    Pics to show the lightening cuts on the left side.


    You can see the where metal is removed around the "waist" of the action and on the left rear edge below the rear scope base.


    Matching cut to the right rear edge below the rear scope base.