How heavy of Dia should a 36" barrel be?


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Dec 25, 2001
Central Washington.
Just thinking ahead for my next project.I'm going to go with a 36" Hart barrel in one of the big .30 cals.Still tossing the caliber thing back and forth.I have never had a barrel over 30" and was just wondering what the minimum diameter of a 36" barrel should be,This barrel will be blocked.

I thought that Hart made a maximum of 30 inches. Is that a mistake? If they will go over 30 than that is good information to know.
Just checked and you are correct,Hart only goes to 30".Thanks for the info,I guess choice #No 2 will be Lilja and they do go over 30" and they will only do a barrel over 30"(.30 Cal) in a 1-10 twist which is what I want.

Check out Mike Rock barrels. I have heard many good things about his barrels and know that they hold several world records, all in long range shooting. Each one is hand lapped twice, both before and after the 5R single point cut rifling. They make a barrel as long as you want it and will do any rate of twist for no extra charge. They will be making my next barrel.
Give Mike a call and he can give you further information. 608-574-2111

Try a Kreiger. They make a great barrel and can handle the length you want. I have a 36” blank for my .338 Lapua Imp and expect to get about 35” on the finished barrel length.

Minimum diameter would be 1.250" for a 36"
I had a 37" on a 30/378 Weatherby in a block and it was 1.250"

Hart goes to 30" max.

Dan Lilja makes a fine barrel and I have one of his that is 44".

There are several barrel makers out there that can fix you up.

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